A Day of Fishing to Remember…on November Rain

by Sue Giustino

Although the sky was grey and we endured a bit of pelleting rain… boy did we catch fish. There were five of us, fishing three at a time, and everyone pulled in a 35-39lb. striped bass.

Captain Steve, on his best behavior in Jill’s absence, and mate Gill encouraged us to give it our all- and fight the fight to reel in the uncooperative fish.


Fishing with eels, it seemed they must have been down there taunting the bass because we barely had a nibble from any other fish. Five on board in 2 ½ hours- we were able to head back, celebrate and enjoy our catch.

A fishing trip on November Rain is always fun and pr oductive; a great time for groups or families. Whether going on a half, full, or multi-day trip they can accommodate up to 20 people. Steve and Jill welcome beginners to experienced anglers- check out their web site for details: www.novemberraincharters.com